Van M. Pray Jr.

59 Valley View Drive  St. Peters, MO 63376




License Held

ATP MEL, Com SEL, CFI expired, FEX written 03/99, FCC Radio operators permit / A&P Mechanic, IA

First Class Medical 9/05 no restrictions, Passport LA exp. 7/28/08, Senior Parachute Rigger (Back)



TT 4618.3, PIC 3004.6, IFR 279.3, MEL 3289.5, Turbine 2715.9, Jet 910.0 hours

A&P 17 yrs, IA 13 yrs, 25 ft Aircraft Service Truck


Aircraft Flown

PIC King Air 90's-200's, C-12, Twin Otters, C402, C-208

First Officer EMB-145, Convair 340, 440, 580 and DC3

Cessna's 150-425, Beech's, Mooney's, Experimental aircraft

Repair and inspection on all of the above aircraft except EMB-145

Scratch built Long Ez O-235



Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Cheyenne Aerotech, Airframe and Powerplant Technician 2/87

Trans States Airlines EMB 145 Pilot Initial Systems and Flight Training 11/03

Flight Safety King Air B200 Pilot Initial 7/99 , last Simuflite 6 month Recurrent 4/03

Renown Aviation, CV 340, 440 1/98, and 580 7/98

Edwards AFB Physiological Training (altitude chamber) 8/99, Land survival 4/00


Employment History:

11/03 to 3/05          Trans States Airlines (Part 121)

                First Officer EMB 145

                Regional Jet Airline Passengers


7/99 to 9/03            Lockheed Martin (7/99-9/00) Dyncorp (9/00-9/01) LM (9/01-03)

                NASA Dryden Flight Research Center

                Aircraft Commander:  King Air B200

                Mission Management Pilot, Passengers


1/98 to 6/99            Renown Aviation (Part121)

                First Officer: Convair 340, 440, and 580s

                Mechanic: Minor repairs and alterations

Domestic / International Passengers and Freight


2/97 to 1/98            Sunshine Airlines (Part 135)

                Captain: Cessna 402 135.293(a), .297, .299

                Mechanic: Minor repairs and alterations

                Grand Canyon Passengers


2/95 to 1/99            Airway Transport (Part 125)

                First Officer: DC-3 Sight seeing and charter

                DOM: Inspection and Repair on DC-3


3/89 to present      Self Employed Contract Pilot / Mechanic / Inspector / Skydiver: Fly and maintain Twin Otters, King Air 90s, C208, 182, Experimental aircraft completions, Modifications, and Flight test

                Skydiving Accelerated Free Fall and Static Line Instructor, Strong Tandem Instructor, Packer

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