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Aug 23rd 2012,
Taxi test. Looks like you will have to cut and paste.

May 6th 2011,
Propeller and cowls fitted.

Sept 16,
All airframe reinforcements installed, Engine mounted, Propeller clearance checked.

Aug 26,
Engine mount fabricated, Firewall reinforcement continuing.

Aug 13,
Firewall fittings being attached, Engine mount being fabricated.

June 1,
6 Firewall to engine mount attach fittings fabricated and fit checked. Jig for engine mount is being fabricated. When I have pictures of the engine mount on the plane Ill post more.

March 19,
The front end of the 206 is off and the engine mount has been designed.

Jan 14,
Back to work on the Piston Cessnas. Think of the time I will have when they are all converted to PT6s. Time for more flying.

Jan 7,
Engine is out, old controls and engine instruments removed. Now time for Rhinoplasty.

Jan 1,
Loaded the PT6-20 on the trailer too take it to MI.

Dec 15,
Received approval to use photos on my site, Thanks Dave.

Dec 15,
All the aircraft are in St. Louis or in Modification. Emiko is in New England getting the last car.

Dec 13,
Dropped off the brown 206 for turbine conversion mod.

Dec 10th,
Got the Tool truck and trailer back to St. Louis.

Dec 4th,
Repositioned the Otter and 27G to the Midwest.

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We are in the process of converting one of our Cessna 206 airplanes to a PT6-20 turbine! If you want to keep informed about the progress of this project, subscribe to our C206 Turbine Conversion newsletter. View progress photos!

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